Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps of getting into service?

To start the intake process, both parties need to contact the program and request service by calling our Communications Centre at 1-844-373-4515 or submitting our online request for service form that can be found in the ‘Registration’ tab.

The program’s intake process involves the review of relevant documentation by the program, intake appointments with both parties, and a child orientation.

How long does the intake process take?

The duration of the intake process depends on how quickly the program and parties are able to complete all the steps of the intake process.

Services are provided on a first come, first served basis. If there are no available spaces, families will be placed on a waitlist for service.

What makes a client eligible for service?
  • A Court Order/Endorsement, signed separation agreement, or signed mediation agreement which specifies the terms and conditions of supervised parenting time/exchange (time, date, frequency, and which party is responsible for service fees)
  • Agreeing with the policies and guideline outlined in the Agreement for Service
  • Paying the program fees
  • Approval of the program
  • Centre availability and having proper resources
  • The program is unable to:
    • Provide services during a child protection agency’s investigation
    • Engage cases involving sexual assault charges or convictions
    • Contravene contact restrictions between parties without an exception to the conditions for the purpose of arranging parenting time
What can I expect at the supervised parenting time centre?

Supervised parenting time takes place in a group setting with multiple families in the centre at a time. Parenting time is supervised by program staff that factually document what takes place at the centre.

The program’s Agreement for Service that is signed by all program participants prior to starting service provides more details on guidelines participants agree to follow during parenting time at the centre.

How long can I use the program?

Parties can use the program for as long as they require our services and until the child turns 18 years old.

What happens if my child does not want to attend a visit?

As a child-focused program, staff does their best to encourage and support children to attend visits, however, we do not force children to attend.

More details on the program’s child refusal policy are outlined the program’s Agreement for Service that is signed by all participants prior to starting service.

What is the Children's Aid Society involvement policy?
  • York and Peel Region Supervised Parenting Time Programs are unable to accept any case where a child is in the care custody of a children’s Aid Society (CAS) whether by written agreement or a Child Protection Court Order
  • York and Peel Region Supervised Parenting Time Programs are unable to accept any case where a child is in the care of a residential parent, but is subject to a Child Protection Court Order such as a Supervision Order.
  • York and Peel Region Supervised Parenting Time Programs are unable to accept any case during a CAS investigation.
  • York and Peel Region Supervised Parenting Time Programs will temporarily suspend service during the course of the CAS investigation. If the case is closed upon completion of the investigation and confirmation is received from the CAS indicating there is no safety concern for visiting parenting seeing the child(ren) at the center, then the service will resume.
Can I speak my mother tongue at the centre?

While at the centre, all participants are asked to communicate in English or French if they are able to do so. If a participant is unable to communicate in English or French, the program will arrange for a professionally trained interpreter to be present. Cost will be discussed and reviewed prior to booking an interpreter.

Can I bring my parents, family members, or friends to the centre with me?

The York and Peel Region Supervised Parenting Time Programs are able to accommodate guests attending parenting time at the centre with visiting parents if their attendance is agreed upon by all involved parties or if it is indicated by a court order. Authorized guests are only able to attend every second visit at the centre.

Due to space restrictions, the program is able to accommodate a maximum of 2 authorized guests at a time. Guests will not be permitted to attend the visit without prior confirmation from the Program Coordinator. The Centre reserves the right to limit and restrict visitors/guests.

How much does Supervised Parenting Time cost?

Direct service fees for the York and Peel Region Supervised Parenting Time Programs are as follows:

  • Program application fee: $100.00 per family, or $50.00 each party (one-time non-refundable fee paid prior to registration – this fee will be credited to the annual fee when the family is accepted into service)
  • Annual fee for visits and exchanges: $400.00 per family, or $200.00 each party

Fees are split 50/50 between parties unless otherwise outlined by a court order or endorsement.

Subsidy is available to qualified parties.